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Of the Penumbral Kind:

For All the Things Transcendent and Queer.

I'm Roy: 27 years old, white, Irish, trans, male, gay. I use he/him/his pronouns. I write way too much.
Jul 21 '14
i barely have any clue whats going on lmao

about what i know that basically is telephone’d at this point with how little of the details i really am aware of past the racist part:

- people told a popular artist (lobstmourne) something something poc doesn’t exist in wow (probably brought on by the artist’s character being dark-skinned idk)

- shit exploded because this is dumb

- lobstmourne is now offering free character art (within reasonable limits of their time and energy ofc) to anyone with a poc wow character

- people are still carrying on about how unlikely this is and how lorebreaking it is

- so tags and blogs are getting flooded with poc characters in retaliation

- and people who were scared before about their own poc characters are coming forward to be like “thank you so much for giving me the courage to play my poc character”

stuff like that???

Jul 21 '14

oh also

if y’all haven’t noticed yet (those few already on my btag list i mean), i resubscribed to wow (my hand’s mostly better so i can do clickies when i’m not busy hibernating and trying to still play catch-up while my body tries to self destruct)

for those that are not on my list, i guess uh inbox me if you want my btag or whatever

i’ve been picking at my pre-wod goals

most of which involve rep grinds, but one of which is me needing to stop being a weenie and learn how to warlock for green fire, and learn the brawler’s guild stuff (one thing at a time i guess… i’m currently grinding on the isle for coins for a decent weapon on my goat pally)

the biggest one x chase and i are facing the inability to complete is CMs because ha ha ha its so late in the xpac no one’s doing them, or if they are, they want major gold for it

i’m also really sad the only only only way meros would ever get the “mistwalker” title is through a miracle (title requires getting a realm-best achievement in fastest time completion of one of the cms, so that come wod, this gets turned into a fos or whatever and the title’s awarded)

Jul 21 '14

honestly the whole dumb thing reminds me of my big fat white irish idiot family who all pointedly ignore that there are non-white irish folk

because [they think] good catholic values and good irish families are white

so uh


fuck my family and fuck y’all who’re contributing to crushing representation needs

Jul 21 '14

really late to this party but i’m briefly unhibernating to laugh in the faces of the idiots arguing about other peoples’ characters being lorebreaking because of any [poc] choices for character designs

(seriously though, all i can think is how much penny would wheeze-deathrattle-laugh in game if he were confronted with something so absurd)

edited for double negatives im grate at grammar

Jun 26 '14

figured i’d do the thing while i’m logged in to spam solrex with hearts (i neglect them orz)

i’m still alive

my body is still dumb

life is still dumb

at least it’s not a parade


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May 25 '14


To rehash the goings on:

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also, for those wondering at the biggest shit life took on us lately and a big contribution to my absence while we deal with this

combine that with an accident involving me breathing in soldering fumes (i’m mildly allergic to some metals which helped no one), panic attacks, other mysterious attacks (the kind that have landed me in the er in the past), and general fatigue and the usual pains, this month can go to hell

keep thinking good thoughts for us, they’re appreciated immensely

May 25 '14






beep boop does anyone know where umbrarex is, I haven’t seen them around in a while and I’m kindof concerned?

yeah same, usually they always like my posts but i havent seen them in like, a month?? does anybody know if they’re okay?? 

similarily do any of my followers know if cupsnake is alright as well?? i ahvent seen them in a long while too and im really concerned 8(

Well bnet shows that umbrarex was online twoooo days ago, but I’ve been wondering too :(

I don’t know like how much he wants me saying because personal problems are personal but I know he’s just not been feeling well and came on to chat with me briefly after I finished a commission (but I could defer to solrex if they want to explain further idk). But as far as I know he’s just not been feeling well.

Roy ( umbrarex ) is alive and well! Originally, I think he was taking a break from tumblr because it was sucking up too much of his time and attention. Lately though, we’ve been exceedingly busy trying to clean our apartment top to bottom because antivyris is allergic to my dog.

I will nudge Roy and let him know you lot are looking for him.

hey guys, solrex pointed me at this

just wanted to say sorry for scaring anyone or making them worry

tumblr’s been pretty far from my mind the past month or so, and i know that wasn’t very kind of me to just drop off the map like that

like shithowdy and solrex mentioned, things have been pretty bad lately, both for me personally and in the household

lotta sick, lotta mess, lotta tired, essentially

sorry again :(

best bet for hearing from me (in a non-timely fashion) or for keeping semi-up to date with our goings on is to follow solrex’s posts; they’re better than me right now at doing the thing

love ya’ll

Apr 6 '14

azurewhelp asked:

Aaah, thank you for linking my blog on your Tumblr. I am sorry it was under such shitty circumstances though. I am trying to track down confirmation of the rape thing for my blog/podcast. I haven't seen links at all :(

im not sure when i linked your blog—your url isn’t familiar to me—but you’re welcome? (sorry, i have a really shitty memory so please feel free to refresh it)

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Apr 6 '14

umbrarex and i love undercuts
umbrarex also likes these two dumb idiots
i combined the two because i like drawing idiots and undercuts


umbrarex and i love undercuts

umbrarex also likes these two dumb idiots

i combined the two because i like drawing idiots and undercuts

Apr 6 '14


this happened

i thought you might get a laugh out of it